Nehemiah’s Redemption is a two-day, six-hour seminar with power-packed discussion sessions (question and answer format) with examples on budgeting and cost-cutting techniques. You will learn how the economy, inflation, credit, the availability of money and the two edged-sword of compounding interest can (and most often does) have a devastating impact on household economics. You will understand how you got into debt, how to get out and stay out, and depending on your particular situation, save thousands of dollars in the process.

Cost: FREE – sponsored by the Tree of Life Christian Ministries.

It’s by the grace of God, we are able to share this information with you. While there is no fee associated with this seminar, we do have to cover the cost of facilities and associated presentation materials. We gladly accept love offerings to cover these expenses. Thank you for your faithfulness!

You’ve tried everything else, how about trying it God’s way!


Pastor Robinson and the Nehemiah’s Redemption Team & Seminars have truly blessed me. The seminars have left me fully equipped to get my finances in order. The first thing I did was contact my “debt consolidation program” and spoke with my representative. I told him that I wanted to stop my program and become responsible for my finances for myself. My representative agreed! Since that time, I have joined a credit monitoring service program. I check my scores regularly, I monitor my credit, pay lingering bills and dispute damaging information regularly. My credit score is rising and I am feeling more confident in handling my own finances. I also learned through the seminars that if I pay my bills first, I will find that I don’t have a lot of money to spend freely right now. It has reorganized my spending habits for sure. The process is not an overnight miracle. But, putting the principles of Nehemiah’s Redemption to work and applying myself to the tasks of freedom from debt, I am slowly, but assuredly, approaching the light-of-day! Thank you, Pastor Robinson and Nehemiah’s Redemption Team for using your gifts, your talents and your wisdom in the area of using money (apply finances) God’s way. It has helped me tremendously!

J. Alexander