Man Looking Over BillsStatistics reveal three out of every four persons are financially illiterate. According to Proverbs 21:16… “A man that wanders out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.” Our lack of understanding with respect to fiscal responsibility has caused many of us to experience the devastating effects and suffering associated with the loss of household balance (Proverbs 11:1). With more money going out than we have coming in, we are forced to look to pay checks that are already over spent before we ever get our hands on them. Our goal in this seminar is first to define the system of economics and how we fit in. Secondly, if we can learn how we got into debt and learn how to get out of debt, we immediately reduce the likelihood of returning to the same vicious cycle. In the process, we hope to expose you to the possibility of saving thousands of dollars in interest payments and shave years from existing loans.

To question whether you are tired of being bound and in financial bondage would be foolish. Certainly you’ve determined by now that secular world methods of borrowing, and making loans to consolidate debts, to get out of debt is not possible (Proverbs 22:7-16). Nor does borrowing resolve an even greater spiritual problem of rebellion and disobedience to God and his commandment not to borrow with usury (Deut. 15:6 & Neh. 5:10).  Join us for a powerful revelation to the Body of Christ, and the most dynamic presentation you will ever experience. A day filled with biblical solutions, Bankers secrets and common sense cost cutting techniques that will shave years from existing loans and save thousands of dollars in interest payments, without making a loan!

If you are simply curious, and are not serious about getting out of debt, please don’t take a seat that can be filled by someone who is.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Robinson